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The Cleveland Bay

The first Cleveland Bay stallions were imported to Maryland, Virginia and Massachusetts in the early 1800's. The 1884 Upperville Colt and Horse Show in Virginia was created to showcase Col. Dulany's imported stallion Scrivington and his offspring.  Later, William Cody, America's Buffalo Bill, chose the Cleveland Bay for his Wild  West show.  Western states utilized the stallions in their breeding of range horses, noting their staying quality, easy maintenance and a match for the biggest of steers.  The Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America was founded in 1885, with 2000 stallions and mares registered by 1907.  Imported as superb coach horses, the breed interest waned during mechanization but was briefly revived in the 1930's when Alexander Mackay-Smith imported founding stock for hunters.  There are currently approximately 125 purebred Cleveland Bays in the United States and Canada, with many Cleveland part bred horses competing in all disciplines of horsemanship.  Cleveland Bay horses (pure bred and sport horse) sired by a pure bred Cleveland Bay stallion that has been awarded a Stallion License to breed pure and part bred Cleveland Bays can be registered with the Cleveland Bay Horse Society and included in the society's stud book.  Inspection and approval of stallions by the Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North  America is done as needed.

 - reproduced from CBHSNA website
with permission

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